The Must-Have Camping Gear Your Pet Will Appreciate

camping gear for pets

It’s camping season again in Michigan and you’re pulling out your camping gear, checking it for needed repairs and/or replacement. While you’re at it, don’t forget about your pets’ camping gear. They enjoy the little comforts on their camping trip as much as you do. We hear from plenty of campers regarding what items they won’t do without when it comes to their fur babies and thought we’d share with you here. You can decide what might work best for you and your treasured tail-wagger during this upcoming camping season.

Michigan Camping Gear Tips

Tips From Michigan’s Pet Friendly Campgrounds

First Aid Kit for Dogs

You and your pet will be spending plenty of time outdoors while you’re camping. The surroundings may be new and exciting for both of you which is part of the fun. Unfortunately, you may realize you are unfamiliar with health care options for your pet until you need to know. That’s why it’s always smart to bring your own First Aid Kit for your pets.

pet emergency checklistHaving a resource like this on hand can save you time and money while also saving your pet from prolonged discomfort. It provides information for your pet’s daily care, first aid, illness and injury guidance. The sections are tabbed and well defined so you can immediately find the information you need.

It is full of information with 117 pages of need-to-know details you can use if your pet becomes ill or injured while you are not at home. People who’ve purchased this guide are giving it high ratings for its clear illustrations, quick-find tabs, and compact size. Whether your pet develops allergies, experiences heat exhaustion, or eats something unfamiliar, you’ll find answers in this Pet Emergency Pocket Guide.

Pet first aid kitOnce you’ve determined the best plan of action you’ll need medical supplies. This ready-made first aid kit for pets has just about anything you might run into while camping with pets. It contains tools you’ll need such as tweezers and trimming scissors, bandages and gauze pads suitable for most injuries, along with ointments, medical tape, styptic powder, and an emergency blanket you can use in the event of shock. Add your pet’s prescriptions and shot records for your trip and you can relax knowing you have all the bases covered.

The zippered case has a convenient carrying handle and inner webbing to keep all items secure. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack and it won’t take up valuable space in your RV. You can read the reviews on Amazon for this Essential Pet First Aid Kit.

Camping Dog Bed

camping dog bedOne of the challenges of camping with pets is how and where they will sleep. This elevated pet bed is perfect for those times your pet wants to be outside with you but the weather is very warm. The mesh center will keep them cool and you can purchase a separate canopy for their comfort on sunny days. It will also keep them from napping under your RV canopy and getting tripped over. This comes in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes for dogs up to 150 lbs. It’s also nice for older dogs who have trouble getting up and down or lying on a hard surface.

Customers are saying it holds up well to fading and wear & tear from their pets. Some have purchased a medium size for two of their small pets to share and others buy separate beds for each. You can read the reviews and check out the features at K&H Pet Products Elevated Pet Bed.

Camping dog bed blanketFor the times when you want to take your dog on a hike or visit the sights around your campground, this waterproof blanket is the perfect take along for your pet. It’s neatly stored in its own case, is lightweight, and very durable. One side is waterproof and the other side is soft and fluffy. You can use it on the ground, at the beach, or as a cushion on the car seat. It washes up easily and measures 47″ long and 35″ wide. Check it out at He&Ha Portable Waterproof Pet Blanket.

Portable Dog Fence for Camping

Portable Dog Fence for CampingLots of campers bring along a pet enclosure for their fur-babies at the campground. This model comes in sizes small, medium, large, and exta large. It’s easy to bring along because it folds down into a very manageable size which can easily be popped back into its carrying case. The top zips off for those times you want your pets to enjoy some open-air time. No assembly required as this little gem pops open like today’s popular tents. It comes in Hunter Green, Sailor Blue, and Dark Gray. Diameter ranges from 39″ to 55″, depending on the size you buy. You can compare it to other best-selling models at Furhaven Portable Dog Fence.


Collapsible Dog Bowl

collapsible dog bowlcollapsible dog bowl 2Having a few portable dog dishes on hand is on top of most campers lists. You want to be mobile and may find you have more things to carry with you than you’d planned. Keeping your dog well hydrated on a trail hike is another reason to get a lot of use out of these Food Grade silicone bowls. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe. You’ll love how they expand to hold plenty of food and water while collapsing to a flat ring you can clip to your belt or backpack. They don’t take up much space so you may want to keep a set in your vehicle, too. You can read more about them at 4-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls.


Dog Travel Bag

Dog Travel BagIt’s nice to have all your pets’ camping gear in one place and this top rated pet travel bag can hold everything you’ll need. You can keep it packed and ready so it’s easy to grab and go when you decide on a last minute camping trip or visit with friends. If you decide to fly with your pet this bag meets airline carry-on requirements. It can store up to 30 cups of dog food and is well equipped with zippered pockets and interior dividers. There are straps for over-the-shoulder or hand carrying this bag. You can buy it on Amazon at Dog Travel Bag – Week Away Tote.

Other Pet Camping Accessories to Consider

dog poop bagsPets love their walks and part of that pleasure comes the responsibility of cleaning up after them. These conveniently packages poop bags are a big hit with the campers. The bags are a good size and thicker than most others. The holding container has a clip on it for keeping the used bag until you find a receptacle to drop it in. The bags are earth-friendly and will degrade within 24 months.

You can get them on Amazon at Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags and Dispenser


dog water dispenserHere’s another handy item to keep ready for your next camping trip. It’s a silicone water bottle dispenser that will fit over most sizes of water bottle. The water tray folds away until you need it then it quickly and conveniently folds back for easy storage in your backpack or purse. You can clip it to your belt loop or backpack and it’s made of Food Grade silicone. You can see it at SuperDesign Expandable Water Dispenser.


We hope you and your favorite camping buddy have a memorable time as you camp your way through the spring, summer, and fall. Be sure to check out our member RV parks and campgrounds for your next camping adventure.








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